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What is Evolutionary Exploration ?

February 2, 2010

I must admit that I have been trying to “label” my own book for a while, mainly because I could not pinpoint the category in which it would fit best.

Although the first part of the book is theoretical and closer to philosophy, the second part presents practical experiments that can be applied during everyday life.

Despite my book’s new age feel, I think that neuroscientists would be more interested in the subject than self-help seekers because practically the subject that I am presenting is about a process that precedes thinking in any of its forms – meditating, praying, visualizing, or wishful faith-based thinking.

This also sets apart “Evolutionary Exploration” from most of the titles currently available on the market while making it hard to categorize, as we are so used to doing with everything.

Evolutionary Exploration is a book that describes a process I call Experiential Research, because, in a sense, the practical part of the book is more related to push-ups than it is to spirituality as it has more to do with doing then it has to do with interpreting.

Professionally speaking, I am a filmmaker with experience ranging from various crew positions to producer and film professor, but my long-time passion (since before I even knew about Filmmaking) has been for the potential we all have, as living creatures, to evolve.  I spent most of my young years reading everything I could find about philosophy and psychology and when I was fourteen years old I began studying Martial Arts, which also led me to an intense practice of meditation, breathing techniques, as well as yoga.


Throughout my entire practice I was searching for the spiritual common denominator – a quest for the method that could bring people together, rather than divide them.

Evolutionary Exploration is the result of that quest.

If you haven’t read the book yet, please visit the Shop on my website.  There, you will find details about available formats, prices, and sellers.


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